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The Tax Course
Ex-IRS Agent reveals the secrets to maximize your refunds, save thousands of dollars, & audit-proof your business.
Carlotta Thompson audited many, many businesses over the 7 years she worked for the IRS. The costly mistakes and lack of information she saw inspired her to leave the IRS and start her own business helping entrepreneurs understand their taxes ad save thousands in a few simple steps! 
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*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers
Any tax strategies, or tax examples, are only estimates of what is possible. There is no assurance you’ll do as well. Results are based on many factors. Use caution and check with your accountant, lawyer or professional adviser, before acting on this or any information.
This advice is not intended and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by the IRS. 
What is your biggest stress, headache and fear as a business owner?

Taxes? Fear of getting audited? Terror over receiving a nightmare tax bill?

You want to do everything right so they don't come knocking but honestly, no one has ever taught you what you are supposed to do!

You haven't had a tax strategist brainstorm how all of your expenses can turn into deductions, which means you are paying too much

If no one has ever sat down and explained to you in detail exactly what documentation the IRS expects you to keep, an audit means that you are screwed! 

The Secret to Saving Thousands, Tens of Thousands, Even Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes...Legally

Tax strategy may seem like something that's only for the rich and famous but I'm here to tell you that is not true. 

(They don't care if you understand the strategies that will help you...even if you just started your business and aren't even making money yet!)


Think that you're covered with a good accountant? Well, it's shocking to realize that they are only making sure your taxes are done.  

That leaves a LOT of room for error. 

Here's the hard truth. As a business owner, the IRS holds you to a higher level of accountability than all other taxpayers. 

They expect you to thoroughly understand the signed return. 

They expect you to know proper documentation in detail.

 And sadly? They don't care if you overpay as long as you don't underpay. 

Worst of all, the IRS doesn't hold your accountant responsible for any of these errors...unless you can prove the accountant made a mistake. 

And good luck with that, because in all of my years of examining businesses for the IRS, the accountant never took the blame. 

(Even if it was their mistake, you would only get out of paying penalties. The tax is still due.)

Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Hi, I'm Carlotta Thompson, former IRS agent and expert tax strategist.  

As a former Internal Revenue Service agent, I worked for the IRS examining and auditing hundreds of businesses. I know the tax code inside and out, so watching entrepreneurs struggle and lose money breaks my heart. 

So I am on a mission to change that and give you back your power. 

As an agent, I heard the same things over and over again from business owners.

"If only someone would have just taught this!"

"Why doesn't the IRS make us learn this stuff?"

"I wanted to do things right but I just didn't know!"  

First of all, let's get one thing clear: As business owners, we are extremely smart

Yes, I'm talking to you! We have to learn new things constantly to learn and grow to serve our customers better. 

 Because you are already so far ahead of the curve, I promise that learning this part of your business is not over your head. So I'm here to help you learn how to pay the least amount of tax that you can while keeping yourself out of jail!

Okay, okay, maybe jail is just a little extreme...but I promise that when you make $40,000 a year in your business and an agent hands you a $70,000 tax bill, jail sounds like the best option just to make that nightmare go away.

The sad thing is this is usually the result of the business owner not understanding simple concepts that the IRS expects you to know, because no one taught you.

I have some good news though: the only thing keeping you from understanding these simple concepts (and they are simple, trust me!) that you're expected to know is that no one has taught you.
That's it. That's all. A simple problem and a simple solution! - you just have to learn the concepts. 
 As entrepreneurs, we think we have to understand every part of our business...all while struggling with feeling inferior about taxes. So let's get one thing straight - you don't need to know the tax code.
(In fact, most accountants don't even know the tax code!)
The Simple Rules That You Need To Know

     ✔️ How to keep the exact records that the IRS wants to audit-proof your business.

     ✔️ Create a forward thinking, money saving master tax strategy to save thousands.

    ✔️ Be able to hand your accountant the specific advanced tax strategy that you need.


After watching you, my fellow business owners struggle through the same issues over and over and OVER again, I created this course.  It is super easy to understand. It is super easy to execute. 

Plus there isn't any mention of the tax code or any other type of complicated calculations! 

(That is why you have an accountant so we'll save it for them.)

 This course was made to take business owners at all levels and educate them on the things the IRS expects them to know. It was built so you could learn enough to carry on conversations with your accountant to make sure you are paying the least tax legally possible. 

Because let me be straight with you - as a sole proprietor, you are taxed more than anyone else! Yes, more than huge corporations or employees. 

If you understand how to leverage your tax status, protecting yourself is simple. If you don't? An visit from an auditor could easily destroy your life with a giant tax bill. 

The Tax Course is created to protect you from all of this. Inside the course, you'll learn strategies like: 

     ✔️Exactly when to move from an LLC to an S-Corp to save 15% of your return.

     ✔️How to handle your Reasonable Compensation (this one could really cost you)

     ✔️Save for your children's futures by transferring free income to them, 100% legally!

The Tax Course was created so you could learn in an environment where you can ask questions that you wouldn't dare ask your accountant. It will teach you everything you need to know and calm your fears. 

It will make sure that your life isn't destroyed just because you didn't know the rules. It will save from sitting in tears in an IRS office, trying to figure out how to pay a nightmare sized tax bill. 

You, the business owner will get back in the driver's seat and take control again.

It is time. 

Are you ready to dominate your taxes?
24/7 Access. Work at your own pace.
Master your taxes. 
Save thousands of dollars. 
Here's How it Works:
24/7 On-Demand Access: You have lifetime access to watch the online videos as many times as you want on your phone, tablet, and computer! 
Bonus Forms: Download and follow the checklist and guides that Carlotta made for this course!
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"What a wealth of info!" - Lynell T.
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible: Start Learning The Simple Strategies Now for just $497!

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Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible
Carlotta Thompson & Associates - Tax Strategist - Pay The Least Tax Legally Possible

Ready to learn the simple strategies that keep you on top of everything so you never miss a deduction or a deadline?

The Tax Course
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How do I know if I need this? 
Here's the scoop. You need this course whether you an expert or a beginner with taxes. 
As a former IRS agent, I've made this program 100% beginner friendly. 
Pair that with the fact that I have hundreds of success stories from people making $50,000 and even $100,000 per month with this blueprint. Over 80% of those people are complete beginners.
I was blessed with a very specific talent. That talent is to take something as complicated (and sometimes scary, let's be honest!) and be able to explain it simply so that anyone can understand. 
The bottom line is, if you are a complete beginner, this course is for you. 
But even if you're experienced, this course is also for you. You'll cut the amount of work, overpayments & struggles over taxes by more than you can even imagine!
With a proven history of thousands upon thousands of dollars saved for our client track record to prove that. The results speak for themselves!
 I can guarantee that with full confidence because I know the IRS tax system from experience and will show you exactly what works. 

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